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Support ITHA By Joining or Renewing Today!

Your Ingleside Terraces Homes Association is entirely supported by dues and donations from your neighbors. These funds are used 100% in the following activities:

  • Beautifying and maintaining our mini parks and circles;
  • Helping elderly and disabled neighbors with special needs;
  • Preserving our neighborhood character through planning and design reviews;
  • Removing graffiti and tagging from our parks, circles and common areas;
  • Introducing new residents with our Welcome Wagon package;
  • Organizing and running neighborhood social events;
  • Publishing our Sundial newsletter;
  • Preserving our gateways and pillars;
  • Staffing, training and provisioning our NERT and HAM Radio Net for emergencies;

For all of these services, we ask only for modest dues of $40 each year. Some of you elect to send more and for this we are truly grateful. In order to make dues payments as convenient and easy as possible we offer several methods and amounts.

You can send us your dues using any of these methods

  • Join or renew by sending a check directly via U.S. Mail or an eCheck from your bank.

    1. Print a version of the ITHA membership form from here and follow its instructions or do the following:
    2. Make your check out to Ingleside Terraces Homes Association in one of the following amounts:
      • $250 - Benefactor
      • $100 - Patron
      • $80 - Supporter
      • $40 - Basic
      • $__ - Senior, You Decide
    3. Please make sure you include the following:
      • Your name as it should appear on our mailing list,
      • Your Terraces home address
      • Your mailing address if different than above;
      • Your phone number
      • Your email address if you would like to receive announcements about Terraces' meetings and events.
    4. Mail to Ingleside Terraces Homes Association, P.O.Box 27304, San Francisco, CA 94127-0304
  • Join or renew by sending us your dues once a year securely online - no account needed.

    Support ITHA as a Benefactor member
    Support ITHA as a Patron member
    Support ITHA as a Supporter member
    Support ITHA as a Basic member
    Support ITHA with a membership amount of your choice
    Credit Cards Accepted

    NOTE: This is a one-time payment. You will need to renew your membership for following years.