Trellis Project

After the seagull pylon was removed, it was even more noticeable that the concrete columns and wooden trellises at the entrances to the Terraces along Ocean Avenue were in need of cleaning and painting. Here are photos at Ocean Avenue and Victoria Street.
Ingleside Terraces trellis Ingleside Terraces trellis
SE corner (above), SW corner (below) after cutting back the bushes, cleaning, scraping, patching, priming, painting...
Ingleside Terraces trellis Ingleside Terraces trellis

Before: SE corner
During: Patching by Carolyn.
SW corner after cleaning of the trellis but before several calls to 311 about the trash situation. More frequent pickups helped, but the area around the trash can was still continually littered. The trash can was finally moved across Ocean Ave., near the commercial establishments, which has resulted in this corner being much cleaner.

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