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Look forward to these annual events in 2019
Hold the dates. More information coming soon.

  • Annual Garage Sale: Saturday May 11
  • ITHA Picnic: Sunday October 20, Noon to 3PM at the Sundial.

    Enjoy these photos from the 2018 and 2019 picnics.

  • Christmas Caroling at the Sundial: December 15

    We will meet (weather permitting) at the Sundial at 6:00 PM and sing seasonal favorites together. Song sheets and tinkling/jingling percussion accessories will be provided. Please wear warm clothes and bring a flashlight. Afterwards, our gracious hosts John and Monica Stacey will host a potluck party at 25 Cerritos. Please bring sweets and treats, finger food, and wine to share.

You'll hear more about these and other events if you join one of our email groups. Information about regular meetings is posted on our meetings page.